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I am trying to save a 1 or 8-bit PNG image that looks nice in IE6.

Do you have any suggestions?

I have used Fireworks before, and that works pretty well, but I'm looking for other options.


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You can use pngquant or pngnq instead of Fireworks (these are command-line tools that convert 24-bit PNG to PNG8+alpha, which work decently in IE6).

If you're on OS X, then you can use ImageAlpha. It has "IE6-friendly alpha" option which tweaks alpha channel for more graceful degradation in IE6.

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IE6 doesn't support alpha-layer transparency. Try saving it as a .gif instead, and/or using IE6 specific stylesheets.

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IE 6 doesn't like PNG Transparencies as far as I remember.

There are lots of solutions, search for it or check out this other SO Question

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Try Paint.Net? You can choose Transparency-Level and Bitrate at "Save".

I guess Gimp would be a choice too.

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This forum post mostly demonstrates how to do it in Paint.NET – Nick DeVore Jan 26 '10 at 19:04

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