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I am using Azure's service bus (topics/subscriptions specifically) to send messages back and forth. Seemingly at random, when sending a message to the topic, the message seems to be disappearing and no errors are thrown. If I look at the chart in the Azure management portal for the topic, I can see a portion of messages are failing.

2 questions:

1 - Where is documentation on what can cause a request to fail?

2 - How do I log these requests so I can see the error?

Thank you very much!

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Almost an year!. Did you find the answer? – Abhijeet Dec 18 '14 at 8:53
Any update here? – Mark Alan Evans Jan 20 at 23:15
@MarkAlanEvans Nope, I never got this issue resolved, although it appears to have something to do with the lock timeout on the request. The workaround for us was to stop using Azure servicebus. – Seth Feb 1 at 16:24
What was the solution to your problem? – Chris Pietschmann Mar 23 at 2:14

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