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I have a data as below, which I want to use strptime as I used to do but somehow it doesn't work.

> ic.df$timeonly
 [1] "‎01-28-2014" "‎01-28-2014" "‎01-28-2014"

[1] NA


[1] NA

(what..?) So I swapped the year,month,day location and this works.

[1] "2014-01-28"

Can anyone explain what's going on here or how I can convert "m-d-y" version into date object?

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In python3 strptime("2014-01-28",format="%Y-%m-%d") raises a TypeError since you gave strptime a kwarg. Try dropping format= and just provide two positional args. –  Adam Smith Jan 28 '14 at 23:47

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for me it works:

strptime("01-28-2014", "%m-%d-%Y")



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