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Trying not to re-invent the wheel here. I was wondering if anyone is savvy enough with Angular or Bootstrap modal transitions.

I'm quite sure the modal can do more than just slide-down fadeIn. But I can't find bootstrap classes that specify any specific transition animations.

Maybe something like the transition buttons in this link: http://anilomanwar.github.io/d3jsExperiments/ChartWheel.html

Any good input is appreciated!


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You can use animate.css to get model transistion. –  Fizer Khan Jan 29 at 4:45
Thanks for the feedback, Fizer. Evaluating now to see how well it integrates with Bootstrap/Angular. Maybe will just refrain from using the built-in stuff if this plugin works well. –  jmarcosSF Jan 29 at 6:45
Looks like animate.css worked like a charm, Fizer. Thanks! We just removed some bootstrap classes we had in there, replaced with the desired animate.css property, and voila! –  jmarcosSF Feb 11 at 1:23

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Using animate.css, remove any bootstrap animation classes and replaced with desired animate.css property.

"You can use animate.css to get model transistion. – Fizer Khan Jan 29 at 4:45"

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