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i am trying to implement an html form with this dhtml fade effects:

but i got no luck. -i included a jquery validation in the fade effect, and when the user is entering values for the form, the pop-up times out, and when i redirect to "success page", i am pretty much unable to click anywhere on the page.

has anyone successfully implemented html form in a dhtml/fade effect, can you please give a hand? thanks.

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show code please –  Erv Walter Jan 26 '10 at 19:34

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Why not just show/hide the div with $.fadeIn() and $.fadeOut()?

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fadeIn and fadeOut accept 2 parameters. The 1st the time of fading in miliminute, 2nd a call back function that will be fired after fading. You could set the 1st parameter larger, say 3000. Check compact script for fading,

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