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I have an image that I want to use in my app but I want it to look good on multiple devices, which is the reason there are many drawable folders (hpdi, xhpdi etc etc).

My image is just one size 170 x 80 px. Is there a tool I can use to generate appropriately sized versions of this image to place in my drawable folders?

Also, on a side note. If I were to set the 170x80 px image as the source of an image button. Do I set the width and height to wrap_content or do I set it to 170 and 80 dp?

Thank you.

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If you only have one image and copy it in your drawables folder, the android framework assumes it is mdpi and automatically scales it up or down if you don't provide the others.

To answer your last question, you should set layout_width and layout_height of your image in the layout to wrap content then. You also should not assume that 170px look the same as 170dp.

convert from dp to pixels:

px = dp * (dpi / 160)

convert from pixels to dp:

dp = px / (dpi / 160)

Here is a very useful article about how to support different devices on android

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The Android Asset Studio can generate images for you in different dpi formats.

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