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I want to redirect the user of our iOS App to our Twitter profile page with the URL scheme: twitter://user?screen_name=SCREEN_NAME

I recently noticed that this opens the Twitter app as expected but it shows a screen as if I used it for the first time:

Twitter error

The app is also completely frozen, I can't touch anything. If I keep the app open and klick on the UIButton in our app again, the profile will be shown correctly but still without being able to touch anything.

The only way I can get this to work is if I start the Twitter app before and let it open (in background). If I select the UIButton in our app now, everything works fine, the profile is shown and I'm able to interact with the Twitter app.

I think that there might be a problem of the Twitter app to handle such URL schemes on app start, but works when the app is already running.

Does anyone else experience this problem or have a solution for this issue?

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Weirdly deleting and reinstalling the Twitter app fixed this problem. Still don't know why it happened though...

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A possible issue could be iOS updates from say iOS7 to iOS8 require the app to re-register its URL scheme. Will check back when iOS9 comes out. This worked for me. – arcady bob Sep 16 '15 at 1:25

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