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Is it possible to detect actions that tell my controller when the user is mousing (or otherwise perusing) the items in an NSPopUpButton? I only seem to be notified on a new selection and I'd like to be notified as the user is rolling over any item in the menu.



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You could set your controller as the delegate of the NSPopUpButton's menu. You will then be sent -menu:willHighlightItem: delegate messages as the mouse tracks over the menu.

- (void)awakeFromNib
    [[popupButton menu] setDelegate:self];

- (void)menu:(NSMenu *)menu willHighlightItem:(NSMenuItem *)item
    if(menu == [popupButton menu])
        //do something
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I think it'd be better to just test whether they're the same menu (menu == [popUpButton menu]). Assuming NSMenu implements a deeper meaning of isEqual:, do you really want to perform the action when the user highlights items in an unrelated menu that happens to have “the same” (for some definition of that) menu items? –  Peter Hosey Jan 27 '10 at 4:42
That's a fair point. I've amended the code to use a straight pointer comparison. –  Rob Keniger Jan 27 '10 at 6:05
Very cool. Thanks very much for taking the time to answer. I'll give this a shot!! –  TomH Jan 27 '10 at 16:54

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