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I am trying to make a tool that would login to multiple remote windows servers and get their drive details and display them under one window.

Possible command that I am looking forward to execute in the remote server is wmic logicaldisk get size,freespace,caption. I intend to get the output of this command and display it.

I have remote server hostname and IP, username and password.

How do I connect to these remote servers and execute the command?

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The #1 hit for "WMIC" has the answer. wmic /node:SERVER1 printer list status runs the printer list status command on the computer named SERVER1. –  Raymond Chen Jan 29 at 4:15
You should accept user2301394's answer for provide your own. –  jeremyjjbrown Feb 5 at 16:20

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So, powershell is not enabled it means you need to use batch file. I would suggest you to try this script. I have found this script and it is working fine.

I hope this help you.

IF "%~1"=="" goto help
IF "%~2"=="" goto help


@FOR /F "tokens=1-3" %%n IN ('"WMIC /node:"%1" LOGICALDISK GET Name,Size,FreeSpace | find /i "%2""') DO @SET FreeBytes=%%n & @SET TotalBytes=%%p

@SET /A TotalSpace=!TotalBytes:~0,-9!
@SET /A FreeSpace=!FreeBytes:~0,-10!
@SET /A TotalUsed=%TotalSpace% - %FreeSpace%
@SET /A PercentUsed=(!TotalUsed!*100)/!TotalSpace!
@SET /A PercentFree=100-!PercentUsed!

IF %TotalSpace% LSS 0 goto error

@ECHO Total space: %TotalSpace%GB
@ECHO Free space: %FreeSpace%GB
@ECHO Used space: %TotalUsed%GB
@ECHO Percent Used: %PercentUsed%%%
@ECHO Percent Free: %PercentFree%%%

@SET TotalSpace=
@SET FreeSpace=
@SET TotalUsed=
@SET PercentUsed=
@SET PercentFree=
goto end

echo *** Invalid server or drive specified ***
goto help

echo diskfree.cmd
echo Queries remote server for free disk space.
echo Specify a MACHINENAME and a drive letter to be queried
echo Example:   diskfree.cmd MACHINENAME c:
goto end

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There is something wrong with the calcualtions, the value in GB are not correct. They differ from the original values. –  debal Jan 30 at 4:43
Please paste your output here. –  user2301394 Jan 30 at 4:52
I have checked the script and found it is calculating as per the byte value. To check, if you right click on drive then you can see the value is almost equal. –  user2301394 Jan 30 at 4:56
well i spotted the error, this code is simply dividing the bytes value by 1000 to convert to KB and so on instead of using the conventional 1024. Due to this there is a difference in value. –  debal Jan 31 at 5:14

You should be able to issue remote commends with PowerShell but you have to enable PowerShell Remoting. Here is a tutorial that looks ok.

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powershell is not enable in the remote servers. I will need to work with the traditional command promt. –  debal Jan 29 at 4:53

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