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Angularjs use very stripped version on jQuery called jQLite (or mini-jQuery in some websites). If you add a reference to main jQuery, Angularjs will use your main jQuery and I always have reference to main jQuery in my applications. So for reducing size of Angularjs, I want to remove jQLite from Angularjs file. What is easy (and safe) way to do this?

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jqLite is -tiny-, I think you would save yourself a lot of trouble by focusing on other things. –  Mike Robinson Jan 29 at 4:47
Guess there won't be a proper way to do this until Angular provides custom builds. –  Fabrício Matté Jan 29 at 4:50

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Here's the official answer, answered by one of the creators -


and another discussion related to it.


They mention everything I would of said...good luck

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