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I have many .txt files all with the same format, one column for date (yyyy/mm/dd), another column for discharge (numerical values from 0.00 to 500.00), and two coulmns that I do not need.

I am looking to import this data with values for date and discharge into 'R', possibly convert the data to a time series, and then run Mann-Kendall trend tests and linear regressions on the discharge values.

I am interested in testing for trend on the full period of record in my data which is longer than 50 years, but I would like to test for trend by day of year. For example, I would be looking at discharge on January 1st for every year from 1950 to 2012. The I would want to test Jan 2 discharge for the period 1950 to 2012. How would I parse the data into data for just the day of the year for 52 years in order to run a trend test for each day of the year?

If I were also interested in only looking at trend in day of year discharge for example 1960 to 2000, how could I go about doing this?

Sample Data:

agency gauge date discharge
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/07/20 57.8
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/07/21 66
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/07/22 64.8
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/07/23 62.6
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/07/24 51.3
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/07/25 46.7
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/07/26 48.4
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/07/27 54.4
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/07/28 58
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/07/29 61.4
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/07/30 65.4
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/07/31 70.5
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/08/01 73.9
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/08/02 81.3
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/08/03 69.9
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/08/04 62
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/08/05 62.6
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/08/06 67.4
ECWRS 08NC004 1971/08/07 68.8

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Would be nice to know where you will import those data. –  FeliceM Jan 29 at 5:49
Importing to R! –  user3247381 Jan 29 at 5:56
itc.nl/~rossiter/teach/R/R_ts.pdf is a good starting point –  Prasanna Nandakumar Jan 29 at 6:56
-1 Show us what you've done so far, or at the very least provide a minimal reproducible example of your problem. –  Brandon Bertelsen Jan 29 at 7:01
This question appears to be off-topic because it is mostly about the use of R. –  Nick Cox Jan 29 at 9:26

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I am not sure about the rest but in order to get time series data you could use this approach:

date <- as.Date(D$date)
dc <- D[,2]

I hope this helps at least a bit.

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