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I am trying to implement Mediator Pattern in c++. I am trying to pass a member function address to another class`s (Mediator) function (SignOn), which keeps these callback functions in a vector, so that they can be invoked on all the Colleague objects.

But i am getting following error: "*error C2664: 'MediatorPattern::Mediator::SignOn' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'void (__thiscall MediatorPattern::Colleague::* )(std::string &)' to 'MediatorPattern::Mediator::CallBack &'*"

My question is do it need to maintain a list of all colleague objects who are 'signed on', in Mediator object? Please help me about where i am getting wrong.

Here is the code:

namespace MediatorPattern

class Mediator;
class Colleague
    string _name;
    int _id;
    Mediator* p_myMediator;
    string _msg;
    Colleague(Mediator *pMediator, string s, int id):_name(s), _id(id) 
        p_myMediator = pMediator;
        _msg = "Hi ! I am " + _name;
    void MyCallBack(string& msg_in /*message part from mediator*/)
        cout<< _msg << msg_in<< endl;
    void SubscribeBroadcast();  

class Mediator
    typedef void (Colleague::*CallBack)(const string& s);
    std::vector<CallBack> vecRecieverCallBack;
    //typedef std::vector<CallBack>::iterator VecIterator;

    void SignOn(CallBack& callBack_in)
    /*void Send(const string& s_in)
        VecIterator it_begin = vecRecieverCallBack.begin();
        VecIterator it_end = vecRecieverCallBack.end();
        for(; it_begin != it_end; ++it_begin)


void Colleague::SubscribeBroadcast()

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There are 2 errors:

  • Colleague::MyCallBack should take const string& instead of string&

  • and Mediator::SignOn should take CallBack callBack_in instead of CallBack&

    • the type CallBack defines a pointer to function, so variable / parameter of type CallBack needs to be initialized with an address of function (just like you do), but your SignOn as it is now takes a reference to CallBack (get rid of & there)
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Thank you, this resolves the issue. –  Anitesh Jan 29 at 7:26
@Anitesh: You're welcome :) –  LihO Jan 29 at 11:20

You've got incompatible function signatures. Change the MyCallback to take a constant string reference, like so:

void MyCallBack(string const & msg_in)
//                     ^^^^^

Otherwise, change the definition of the Callback typedef.

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Changed the definition of CallBack but still getting same error. I think it has something to do with the scope of CallBack function pointer. Thank you for the reply though. –  Anitesh Jan 29 at 7:15

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