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I've got a dataTreeListView which has got afew column headers as added to it as follows:

oCol2.IsVisible = false;
dataTreeListView.AllColumns.AddRange(new OLVColumn[] { oCol1, oCol2, oCol3, oCol4, oCol5});

dataTreeListView.KeyAspectName = id;
dataTreeListView.ParentKeyAspectName = ParentId;
dataTreeListView.DataSource = list;
dataTreeListView.RootKeyValue = 0;

The list itself has got 7 properties (inclusive of Id and ParentId).

What I'm trying to achieve is that, upon selectedIndex change of a combo box, the column header will change position.

From View (type1) (oCol2.IsVisible = false):
oCol1 (expandable) | oCol2 (hidden) | oCol3 |   oCol4 | oCol5

To View (type2) (oCol2.IsVisible = true):
oCol2 | oCol1 (expandable) | oCol3 | oCol4 | oCol5

What I got now is view (type1) is working correctly, but after switching to view type2, the expandable column is still at oCol1 instead of oCol2. It seems that I could not switch the primary column.

Any help for this?

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the type2 view defines oCol2 first and then oCol1 (expandable). As per your question this looks like an expected output. Unless I am missing anything. – Vivek Jain Jan 29 '14 at 8:44
Hi theghostofc, I've tried to do something like this. dataTreeListView.AllColumns.Clear(); oCol2.IsVisible = true; dataTreeListView.AllColumns.AddRange (new OLVColumn[] { oCol2, oCol1, oCol3, oCol4, oCol5, }); the result is still the same, the oCol1 at the first column – user3167398 Jan 29 '14 at 8:55

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If you just want to change the ordering, change the DisplayIndex property on each column.

If you want to hide/show columns (as well as reordering them), you change the contents of AllColumns and then call RebuildColumns(). See this FAQ

If you want to swap between various column layouts, you can use SaveState() and RestoreState() See this recipe

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Hi Grammarian, I've since used another approach to deal with the displaying of my data, thanks! – user3167398 Feb 5 '14 at 6:58

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