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I'm stuck at the moment and hope someone can give me a hand. I'm using a polymorphic relation and want to search my database for rows that fulfill conditions in the "parent" and the "child" table.

To get concrete, one small example. Given the following structure I e.g. want to look for a property with price "600" and rooms "3". Is there a way to do that with eloquent?


Table properties (parent)

  • id
  • price
  • details_type [can be "Apartment" or "Parcel"]
  • details_id

Table apartments (child)

  • id
  • rooms

Table parcels (child)

  • id
  • ... (does not have a "rooms" column)


Class Property

public function details() {
  return $this->morphTo();

Classes Apartment + Parcel

public function property() {
  return $this->morphMany('Property', 'details')

What I tried

A lot, really. But somehow I'm always doing something wrong or missing something. The solutions that, in my opinion should work are either:

Property::with(array('details' => function($query) {
                  $query->where('rooms', 3);


        ->whereHas('details', function($query) {
            $query->where('rooms', '=', '3');

But in both cases I get the following FatalError.:

Class name must be a valid object or a string

Has anyone of you already had a similar problem? Thank you very much for any kind of hint.

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Let's start with your naming convention:

public function detail() // It relates to a single object
    return $this->morphTo();


public function properties() // It relates to several objects
    return $this->morphMany('Property', 'details')

Then you would be able to do this:

$properties = Property::whereHas('details', function($q)
    $q->where('rooms', '=', '3');
->where('price', '=', 600)

Please note that this will never return a Parcel, since there isn't a parcel with a room.

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Thank you so much for your response. Your suggested solution is what I thought too. However doing that I get an error: Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalErrorException Class name must be a valid object or a string. It seems to me that whereHas does not support polymorphic relations yet. –  a.selle Feb 7 at 9:35
Ah, I now realize what the problem is. Eloquent does not support Eager Loading of Polymorphic Childs as of yet. Eloquent is only able to Eager Load Polymorphic Parents. I would advise you to use the Query Builder instead and do it the raw way. :) –  Ronald Hulshof Feb 14 at 9:12

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