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I'm having two dataframes with each of them looking like

date       country      value
20100101   country1       1
20100102   country1       2
20100103   country1       3

date       country      value
20100101   country2       4
20100102   country2       5
20100103   country2       6

I want to merge them into one dataframe looking like

date       country1     country2
20100101       1           4
20100102       2           5
20100103       3           6

Is there any clever way to do this in pandas?

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This looks like pivot table, which in Pandas is called unstack for some bizarre reason.

Example analogous to the one used in Wes McKinley's "python for data analysis" book:

bytz = df.groupby(['tz', opersystem])
counts = bytz.size().unstack().fillna(0)

(groupby operating system in rows which is then pivoted so that operating system becomes columns, just like your "country*" values).

P.S. for catting dataframes you can use pandas.concat. It's also often good to do .reset_index on resulting dataframe, bc in some (many?) cases duplicate values in index can make pandas go haywire, throwing strange exceptions on .apply used on dataframe and the like.

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? The method to produce a pivot table isn't called unstack, it's called pivot_table. – DSM Jan 29 '14 at 12:12

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