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I just want a layout folder for 21 inch screen.I have sw600dp for 7 inch tablet and sw720dp layout folder for 10 inch tablet.how i specify folder for hp slate 21 inch tablet in android? thanks in advance.

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A very nice SO post here talking about layout for 21 inch screen in android –  M D Jan 29 at 9:39
Thanks for your quick response,the below code i need to put in onCreate ? using this we get layout from layout-sw800dp ? and same as i need to create folder for drawable right ? Configuration mConfig = this.getResources().getConfiguration(); if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= 13) { int smallest_width_dp_value = mConfig.smallestScreenWidthDp; Log.e("smallestWidthDp",smallest_width_dp_value+""); } –  Ketan Tanna Jan 29 at 10:30
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