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I have TFS 2012 server. I created solution with two mvc projects. After that I added two Windows Azure project, which create package for each project. I created build definition, set On Build Defaults , Copy build output to the following drop folder> \Server\publish, choose: default template. So when I build , I see on \'Server\publish\NameBuild\NameBuild_Date.NumberVersion a lot of library. When I set on MSBuild Arguments: /p:GenerateProjectSpecificOutputFolder=true, I see on publish folder same folder name as project, but on Azure Project, I see two files: ServiceConfiguration.cscfg and ServiceDefinition.csdef nearly 2 kb. So in this package does not exist package. Is it OK? Or I think it would be better, if it consist config file and package? What I need to do, that see this package?

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