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there may be other ways to do this but I'm looking for an fairly easy set-up because it's basically a one-time process.

I have 50 state directories with a handful of txt files in each one.

I want to step into each directory, "read" each file (and then do a mysql insert of each file)

I've tried a few variations, but each time I try to loop through and use readfile or file_get_contents it breaks after the first file and I get failed to open stream: errors on the remainder of the list.

I've searched for the pitfalls of using these functions in a loop expecting many reasons why not to, but not getting answers.

thanks came back to add example code - I see there is an answer listed so I 'll check that out also. (none of this is mine, I simply found a function to capture the file list)

    function listFilesInDir($start_dir)

        returns an array of files in $start_dir (not recursive)

        $files = array();
        $dir = opendir($start_dir);
        while(($myfile = readdir($dir)) !== false)
                if($myfile != '.' && $myfile != '..')
                        $files[] = $myfile;
        return $files;

        $dir = 'path/to/files';
        $Docs = listFilesInDir($dir);

        foreach($Docs as $key => $fileName)

        // HERE IS WHERE I TRIED THE file_get_contents
        $content = file_get_contents($fileName);

        //even doing an echo as a test would break it after the first file
        echo $content;

        //ultimately I would just do INSERT INTO here for mysql


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Welcome to SO. Please post some code, and the exact error message you're getting. – Pekka 웃 Jan 26 '10 at 21:25
Do you mean file_get_contents()? And can we see your code? – Lucas Oman Jan 26 '10 at 21:27
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Some variation of the below is what i would use. YMMV depending on what youre doing. If you post your code we can address your specific implementation instead of jsut providing alternate solutions :-)

$dir = new DirectoryIterator('/path/to/states');
foreach($dir as $file)
  if(!$file->isDot() && $file->isFile() && strpos($file->getFilename(), '.txt') !== false)
     $content = file_get_contents($file->getPathname());
        // do your insert code
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Thanks! That solution did the trick. No variation was necessary other than plugging in my path... and I'll add my insert code. I guess, just for my own education purposes, I see that $file->getPathname()); was something I'll have to read up on. – R Bennett Jan 26 '10 at 22:16
DirectoryIterator is one of the useful SPL classes added in php5. the getPathname method give you the full filesystem path to the file or directory in question getFilename give you jsut the file/dir name and getPath will get you just the path to the file/dir. Also if you used this as your solution can you mark this as the answer - or are you waiting for more technical details on whay your code doesnt work? – prodigitalson Jan 26 '10 at 22:46
+1 for using SPL. – Alix Axel Jan 26 '10 at 23:44
Yes, I can mark this as the answer - fairly new to the SO system so I wasn't sure how that worked. (and sorry for the delay in my responses I wasn't receiving any email notification of activity) If anyone wanted to add some info as to why the other method was failing I would find it useful but I wouldn't hold this open as unanswered for that. thank you again, I'm often in need of these type of answers for various projects and I'm finding Stack Overflow very useful. – R Bennett Jan 27 '10 at 14:11
Well ive very rarely made use of readdir but im thinking its probably an issue one of the values in your $files array. I suspect if you were to dump that you would see something unexpected. Or it could be that the error actually occurs in the readdir call and its an issue with perms on the dir/file. Normally if i were not using spl i would use glob('/path/to/files/*.txt') to get an array of files. In general, unless im dealing with a huge amount of data i try to avoid the functions that require manipulation of resource types directly. – prodigitalson Jan 27 '10 at 14:52

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