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I'm using ReSharper 4.5 to execute my MSTest unit tests in VS2008. With each test run, it's creating files in this path:


How can I clean/delete those files from within Visual Studio?

If I can't delete them from within Visual Studio, when can I expect them to be removed?

I see Visual Studio's Tools > Options > Test Tools > Test Execution > Test Results Management > Limit number of old Test Results to..., and VS seems to honor it when you're using the stock VS test runner. ReSharper doesn't seem to honor that setting, and I don't see a similar setting in ReSharper. So, ReSharper's TestResults files just keep adding up on the disk?

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The TestResults folder in itself is not an artifact of ReSharper, but rather of MSTest itself.

Here's a blog post that describes one way of managing it, and here's the associated code snippet.

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Doesn't work in VS 2010. The TestResults folder is not located where the code snippet expects it to be, but under bin/debug or bin/release. – Thomas Eyde Aug 27 '10 at 13:25
In that case you just have to edit the code snippet to point to "bin\Debug\TestResults" instead of "..\TestResults" -- Or better yet, "bin\$(Configuration)\TestResults". – Brant Bobby Dec 15 '10 at 21:08

I find the simplest way is to just add the following post-build step to my test project:

IF EXIST "$(TargetDir)TestResults" RD /S/Q "$(TargetDir)TestResults"
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