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I've got a map in a GWT app up at - I want the map to cover 100% of the height and width of its container. I'm doing this by adding it into a layout panel and not assigning a size, like so:

public void loadMap() {
        LatLng cawkerCity = LatLng.newInstance(39.509, -98.434);
        MapOptions options = MapOptions.newInstance();
        MapWidget map = new MapWidget(cawkerCity, 2, options);
        map.addOverlay(new Marker(cawkerCity));

The problem is that the map displays a small version in the area, then rights itself as soon as you try to change the size of the browser window in any way. Take a look and see for yourselves.

Does anyone have any idea why that would happen?

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It seems like your map is rendering if off center due to the size of the container changing. Try a checkResize()

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new Timer() {

@Override public void run() {
map.checkResizeAndCenter(); } }.schedule(100);

this will help. regards

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Actually, its a lot easier to just do

DeferredCommand.addCommand(new Command(){
  public void execute(){
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