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I am new to C# .My job is to do an application which performs a task from step 1 to step 3 and show a GUI in front with info about the progress logged in it.Now i have the below options which would be the best and how can we do that in background.

1. Run the form (consisting of a rich text box) in background thread and put the  task     process in main.
2.Run the form in main pgm and put the task as a function running in background. 

Which of the above is the best approach. OR is there any thing better than the above . How can it be accomplished easily?

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I've never seen a GUI, that'd be controlled by a background thread because it needs to be responsive - event handling is being done on a main thread. In winforms for .net 4.0 you've got a BackgroundWorker class, with a ReportProgress() method raising proper event, which can be attended in your main form (most common use is to draw a progressbar) - that's the simpliest approach.


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Do u mean to have the form as the main thread and the task in the background thread implemented using backgroundworker –  user2799127 Jan 29 at 10:55
Yes, I do. Keep it simple as it can be. –  Tarec Jan 29 at 13:03

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