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I'm trying to compare some selected items in a grid with a list stored in the session for find which one is selected. For simplify the comparison I want to use link, reflection and SequenceEqual().

So I try like this :

(from item in SessionList
where item.GetType().GetProperties().SequenceEqual(gridProduct.GetType().GetProperties())
select item).Single();

But it doesn't work, I have many items selected by the link query whereas only one should be selected.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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GetProperties does not do what you think it does (read the docs). Reflection is a very bad way to solve this problem; do it in a type safe manner instead. There is not enough information in the question to tell you what that might be. – Jon Jan 29 '14 at 10:39
Ok, I was afraid by this answer, so I will use a "manual" method. Thanks for your help – Shadam Jan 29 '14 at 10:47

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