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I'm trying to learn Dart, and run into a problem with a periodic timer like below.

void changeImage(){
  imgUrl = images.elementAt(count++);

  return new Timer.periodic(new Duration(seconds:sec), changeImage);

The editor says: The argument type 'changeImage' cannot be assigned to the parameter type '(Timer) → void'

Any suggestion from you Dart-maestros out there would be appreciated.

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According to the Timer API, the callback receives a parameter of type Timer, so your callback method should look like this:

void changeImage(Timer t){
  imgUrl = images.elementAt(count++);

This is different from just using new Timer(), which takes a callback without parameters. The reason is so you can cancel the Timer in your callback method if it is no longer required.

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Of course! Thanks! –  burktelefon Jan 29 at 10:59

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