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I am writing a C++ web service client using gSOAP using 2 separate wsdl files in the same application. I have managed to get things working with compiling one wsdl file at a time.

I am converting the 2 wsdl to h using the below

wsdl2h.exe -fgsy -n gs -N mycl -o mycl.h wsdlfile1.wsdl wsdlfile2.wsdl

This gives me the below output


**  The gSOAP WSDL/Schema processor for C and C++, wsdl2h release 2.8.17r
**  Copyright (C) 2000-2013 Robert van Engelen, Genivia Inc.
**  All Rights Reserved. This product is provided "as is", without any warranty.
**  The wsdl2h tool is released under one of the following licenses:
**  GPL or the commercial license by Genivia Inc. Use option -l for details.

Saving mycl.h

Cannot open file 'typemap.dat'
Problem reading type map file 'typemap.dat'.
Using internal type definitions for C++ instead.

Reading file 'wsdlfile1.wsdl'...
Done reading 'wsdlfile1.wsdl'

Reading file 'wsdlfile2.wsdl'...
Done reading 'wsdlfile1.wsdl'
PolicyReference URI="#ServicePolicy" not found
PolicyReference URI="#ServicePolicy" not found

To complete the process, compile with:
> soapcpp2 mycl.h
or to generate C++ proxy and object classes:
> soapcpp2 -j mycl.h

When the 2 wsdls are complied one by one this error is not reported, but then I have 2 h files and which in turn I do a soap to cpp "soapcpp2 -j mycl.h" for each one and so get 2 different modules.

I want to create only one module, which I am successful to a extent with this issue pending.

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