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I have a ComboBox, and I need to now which function from the code raised the SelectedIndexChanged event, or if the index was changed by user action on form. In other words, I need to pass to the SelectedIndexChanged event some text:

"User action" - if the user changed the index by mouse manipulation


"FunctionName" - the function that do the index modification (for example somewhere inside function is present SelectedIndex=1)

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You cannot add extra arguments to an event. Simply use a bool field in your class. Set it to true in code that messes with the combobox. If you see it set to false in your SelectedIndexChanged event handler then you know it was the user that changed it. Do note that this is a code smell, it should not matter how the selection got changed. –  Hans Passant Jan 29 at 12:48

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This might not be a very elegant solution but a simple one. Also you need to test it. Also I am assuming you are talking about winforms.

You can use the Tag property of combobox. You can set the property in the function as your "FunctionName" and then call the selectedindex from that function. Of course you will get the object of combobox in the sender parameter of SelectedIndexChanged handler.

If the user has changed it then the Tag property will be null. Also you would need to reset the property to null in your SelectedIndexChanged handler so that it is ready to listen to change events going forward.

Hope this helps.

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