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Hi i am trying to parse a Ip/Udp packet's header details actually to get the timestamp,port adresses etc. I know i can use library to do this. So after googling a lot i found out a code to parse through a row packet in the following method

void dump_UDP_packet(const unsigned char *packet, struct timeval ts,
                     unsigned int capture_len)
    struct ip *ip;
    struct UDP_hdr *udp;
    unsigned int IP_header_length;

    /* For simplicity, we assume Ethernet encapsulation. */

    if (capture_len < sizeof(struct ether_header))
        /* We didn't even capture a full Ethernet header, so we
         * can't analyze this any further.
        too_short(ts, "Ethernet header");

    /* Skip over the Ethernet header. */
    packet += sizeof(struct ether_header);
    capture_len -= sizeof(struct ether_header);

    if (capture_len < sizeof(struct ip))
    { /* Didn't capture a full IP header */
        too_short(ts, "IP header");

    ip = (struct ip*) packet;
    IP_header_length = ip->ip_hl * 4;   /* ip_hl is in 4-byte words */

    if (capture_len < IP_header_length)
    { /* didn't capture the full IP header including options */
        too_short(ts, "IP header with options");

    if (ip->ip_p != IPPROTO_UDP)
        problem_pkt(ts, "non-UDP packet");

    /* Skip over the IP header to get to the UDP header. */
    packet += IP_header_length;
    capture_len -= IP_header_length;

    if (capture_len < sizeof(struct UDP_hdr))
        too_short(ts, "UDP header");

    udp = (struct UDP_hdr*) packet;

    printf("%s UDP src_port=%d dst_port=%d length=%d\n",

the thing is that i dont really know what are the parameters that i should use to invoke this function, ie, packet? timeval? etc am recieving my packets using socket api by listening to the port and using recv() function

for (;;)
        len = sizeof(cliaddr);
        n = recvfrom(sockfd,mesg,1000,0,(struct sockaddr *)&cliaddr,&len);
        //sendto(sockfd,mesg,n,0,(struct sockaddr *)&cliaddr,sizeof(cliaddr));

        printf("%s\n from:%s port number:%d",mesg,inet_ntoa(cliaddr.sin_addr),cliaddr.sin_port);

Now here can i use the the mesg[] to pass to the above function to get the packet details or else is there any other way to receive the packet from a specific port. What value shall i use for the timeVal. Any help would be useful for me. Thanks in advance

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Here the most relevant is how do you open your socket. Do you create the socket with SOCK_RAW flag? If yes, then recvfrom will receive RAW packets which you can directly send to your function. I am not sure about Windows, but on Linux the code creating a raw socket is like::

sockfd = socket(PF_PACKET, SOCK_RAW, htons(ETH_P_IP));

The timeval argument is not directly relevant to the packet. It is supposed to be the time when you have got the packet. You will get it by calling gettimeofday after recvfrom.

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Perhaps you should consider using libpcap (Packet CAPture library), the guts of tcpdump.

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