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I'm in the process of developing a Meteor package, that has a dependency on a node module. This module is also, under development, so right now it's just a local folder.

Looking around, it seems that adding

Npm.depends({ "npmmodulename": "x.x.x"});

on the package.js file, it should be enough, but how do I do this, when the npm module is local? I tried adding the path to the module, instead of the version, but I had no luck...

Can this be actually done?

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You don't need to specify an Npm.depends clause because your node package is not yet published to npmjs.org so it doesn't matter.

Let's assume your node package is in "my-project/packages/my-package/node-package". You can reference it from your meteor package like this :

my-project/packages/my-package/server.js :

var nodePackage=Npm.require("../../../../../packages/my-package/node-package");

All the ../.. stuff is needed because the current working directory of a meteor node process is "my-project/.meteor/local/build/programs/server".

Note that using this technique, meteor doesn't take care of building your node package, so you need to manually "npm install" it each time you modify it's inner dependencies.

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I see, well, thanks I was hoping I could just tell meteorite where the npm package was, and it would set everything up. – Deleteman Jan 30 '14 at 12:13

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