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The HttpContext is not supported in self hosting.

When I run my self hosted in-memory integration tests then this code does not work either:

// OWIN Self host
var owinEnvProperties = request.Properties["MS_OwinEnvironment"] as IDictionary<string, object>;
if (owinEnvProperties != null)
    return owinEnvProperties["server.RemoteIpAddress"].ToString();

owinEnvProperties is always null.

So how am I supposed to get the client IP adress using self hosting?

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Are you using "in-memory" or "self-host" ? Doing "in-memory" will not have an IP address because there is no network interaction. – Darrel Miller Jan 29 '14 at 12:34
My integration tests do not start owin host but in-memory testing the web api request pipeline. Ok I thought I get at least localhost but you are right from where should it come :p – Pascal Jan 29 '14 at 13:23
"because there is no network interaction" Then I must really rethink wether I want fast in-memory testing or real self-host testing with new HttpSelfHostServer(config).OpenAsync() etc... Then the HttpServer gives me nothing except bugs and workarounds... – Pascal Jan 30 '14 at 8:02

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Based on this, I think the more up-to-date and elegant solution would be to do the following:

string ipAddress;
Microsoft.Owin.IOwinContext owinContext = Request.GetOwinContext();
if (owinContext != null)
    ipAddress = Request.GetOwinContext().Request.RemoteIpAddress;

or, if you don't care about testing for a null OWIN context, you can just use this one-liner:

string ipAddress = Request.GetOwinContext().Request.RemoteIpAddress;
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const string OWIN_CONTEXT = "MS_OwinContext";

if (request.Properties.ContainsKey(OWIN_CONTEXT))
    OwinContext owinContext = request.Properties[OWIN_CONTEXT] as OwinContext;
    if (owinContext != null)
        return owinContext.Request.RemoteIpAddress;
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