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I'm calling a bash script which prepares some directories etc. At some point it also calls a psql script something like this:


So far so good.

The sql that I want to execute is something like this:

select 'wget :SERVER.xxxx.com?geoX=id1&geoY=id2' 
from table1 where id1 > zzz;

What I expect out of this is a string that looks like

wget test.xxx.com?geoX=yyy&geoY=qqq

In oracle I could do something like

select 'wget' || :SERVER '.xxx.com?geoX='|| id1 || etc etc

But I cannot make it work in postgres when it should be embedded in a string I've tried to escape the ' and withoud but so far no luck. Anybody got any ideas?

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I cant really find a solution from this link. Its not the actual sustitution that troubles me, its the substitution into a string. –  jka_dk Jan 29 at 13:59
Maybe it simply isn't possible in psql ? –  jka_dk Jan 31 at 10:39
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I've found the answer to this question. When calling from the shell script, its in the shell script itself that the escaping must be done. So instead of the above i should do the calling like this :


that is double quote and single quote. Then the sql file can be done the same way as in Oracle :

select 'wget' || :SERVER '.example.com?geoX='|| id1 || ' etc
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