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Is it possible to detect if the browser is closing in JavaScript? I tried using:

$( window ).unload(function() {


window.onbeforeunload = ExecuteMyCode;
function ExecuteMyCode() {

But this both executes when we also click a link, button,... I ONLY want to detect the browser close event.

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button? What button? A browser button? I think you can only detect when a user moves away from your current page / website. Not when the browser is actually closed. Why would you want that anyway? –  putvande Jan 29 at 12:18
I need it to remove my cookies before closing (and setting a time for the cookie isn't an option) –  RubenHerman Jan 29 at 12:20
If you just set the cookies as session cookies then these will automatically be removed by the browser when it closes anyway - what you are describing is default behaviour. –  pwdst Jan 29 at 12:23
What you could do is check with the beforeunload if someone is moving away from your website (so to new website or close the tab / browser). Than you can remove your cookie. –  putvande Jan 29 at 12:23

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You can try below code it will ensure your mouse position is on the close button then and then it will execute further.

window.onbeforeunload = function () {

            if (event.clientY < 0) {
                // DO YOUR STUFF BEFORE CLOSING..
                return "Message to display user before close.";
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