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I'm using Codeception for unit, functional, and acceptance tests of my Laravel 4 PHP application.

My unit tests look this:

use Codeception\Util\Stub;
class ExampleTest extends \Codeception\TestCase\Test 
 public function testExample()
  $example = true;
  $this->assertSame($example, true);

My functional tests look like this:

use \TestGuy;
class ExampleCest
 public function example(TestGuy $I)
  $I->see('Sign in');

But I also want to use PHPUnit assert methods in my functional tests. But when I try to, I get this error:

Call to undefined method ExampleCest::assertSame()

How do I use PHP assert methods in a Codeception functional test?

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Another workaround can be to use Helper Methods in test suite.

For example for assertSame() method

class ExpectedHelper extends \Codeception\Module
    protected $test;

    function _before(\Codeception\TestCase $test) {
        $this->test = $test;

    function assertSame($expected, $actual, $message = '')
        $this->test->assertSame($exception, $actual, $message);

where ExpectedHelper being the test suite Helper name (eg: UnitHelper, FunctionalHelper) which should be under _support folder

and you can use it in your test as $I->assertSame('12340','12340');

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