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I'd like to continue from my previous question SQLite database file type missing from Visual Studio 2010 data source options

I want to crete a connection to PostgeSQL database this time and facing the same issue about a missing data source.

So far I have:

  1. Installed the PostgreSQL server and a new database created
  2. Under Visual Studio 2010, inside PMC, I run "Install-Package Npgsql"
  3. In the app.config file I registered the Npgsql Data Provider by adding the DbProviderFactories block

Then, I try to create ADO.NET Entity Data Model from Visual Studio by generating it from the database (using Entity Framework 4). I'm trying to make a connection to the PostgreSQL database but I don't see how to connect to it. Below what I have:

Visual Studio 2010 data source options

How do I make a connection to PostgreSQL database?

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finally, we've got it:)

Please see the link: https://github.com/npgsql/Npgsql/wiki/Visual-Studio-Design-Time-Support---DDEX-Provider

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Links can go dead, so link-only answers are discouraged on Stack Overflow. Please copy the relevant information into your answer. –  Chris 2 days ago

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