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How would you implement logical operators in DOS Batch files?

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I submit for your viewing pleasure: pi.bat :) thedailywtf.com/Articles/… –  Scott Anderson Jan 26 '10 at 22:47

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You can do and with nested conditions:

if %age% geq 2 (
    if %age% leq 12 (
        set class=child


if %age% geq 2 if %age% leq 12 set class=child

You can do or with a separate variable:

set res=false
if %hour% leq 6 set res=true
if %hour% geq 22 set res=true
if "%res%"=="true" (
    set state=asleep
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You can also just use set res= or set res=1 and then if defined res which is a little more robust against typos and works even in blocks without explicitly enabling delayed expansion. –  Joey Jan 26 '10 at 23:34
Just to improve your answer a bit... you don't need to explicitly nest the "if" statements... you can just "chain" them, as Dave Jarvis demonstrates below –  JoelFan Jan 28 '10 at 14:44

The MS-DOS IF statement does not support logical operators (AND and OR), cascading IF statements make an implicit conjunction.

IF Exist File1.Dat IF Exist File2.Dat GOTO FILE12_EXIST_LABEL

If File1.Dat and File1.Dat exist then jump the label FILE12_EXIST_LABEL.

See also: IF /?

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De Morgan's laws allow us to convert disjunctions ("OR") into logical equivalents using only conjunctions ("AND") and negations ("NOT"). This means we can chain disjunctions ("OR") on to one line.

This means if name is "Yakko" or "Wakko" or "Dot", then echo "Warner brother or sister".

set warner=true
if not "%name%"=="Yakko" if not "%name%"=="Wakko" if not "%name%"=="Dot" set warner=false
if "%warner%"=="true" echo Warner brother or sister

This is another version of paxdiablo's "OR" example, but the conditions are chained on to one line. (Note that the opposite of leq is gtr, and the opposite of geq is lss.)

set res=true
if %hour% gtr 6 if %hour% lss 22 set res=false
if "%res%"=="true" set state=asleep
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The following examples show how to make an AND statement (used for setting variables or including parameters for a command).

To close the CMD window and start Notepad:

exit & start notepad.exe

To set variables x, y, and z to values if the variable 'a' equals blah.

if %a% equ blah set x=1 & set y=2 & set z=3

Hope that helps!

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Also covered in
"120} How do I use AND/OR/XOR/NOT operators in an IF statement?"

OR is slightly tricky, but not overly so. Here is an example

set var1=%~1
set var2=%~2
set or_=
if "%var1%"=="Stack" set or_=true
if "%var2%"=="Overflow" set or_=true
if defined or_ echo Stack OR Overflow
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Try the negation operand - 'not'!

Well, if you can perform 'AND' operation on an if statement using nested 'if's (refer previous answers), then you can do the same thing with 'if not' to perform an 'or' operation.

If you haven't got the idea quite as yet, read on. Otherwise, just don't waste your time and get back to programming.

Just as nested 'if's are satisfied only when all conditions are true, nested 'if not's are satisfied only when all conditions are false. This is similar to what you want to do with an 'or' operand, isn't it?

Even when any one of the conditions in the nested 'if not' is true, the whole statement remains non-satisfied. Hence, you can use negated 'if's in succession by remembering that the body of the condition statement should be what you wanna do if all your nested conditions are false. The body that you actually wanted to give should come under the else statement.

And if you still didn't get the jist of the thing, sorry, I'm 16 and that's the best I can do to explain.

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An alternative is to look for a unix shell which does give you logical operators and a whole lot more. You can get a native win32 implementation of a Bourne shell here if you don't want to go the cygwin route. A native bash can be found here. I'm quite certain you could easily google other good alternatives such as zsh or tcsh.


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If you're going to go through the effort of using a different shell, at least go with PowerShell: microsoft.com/powershell –  Eclipse Mar 15 '10 at 18:18
There are many better shells than DOS. The reason why I would use a DOS bat file is because it doesn't require any external tools. If you have a customer that needs to automate something simple, do you really want them to have to install special tools (cygwin, perl, powershell, etc) when a BAT file will suffice? –  Mark Lakata Jul 21 '11 at 0:04
BAT is enough most of the time. 90% of the unix shell scripts ppl write is not pure shell but with many coreutils, sed, awk etc calls. GNU have implemented UNIX goodies in other OS, including Windows. So have a look at this getgnuwin32.sourceforge.net cmd.exe/bash/zsh plus this should be sufficient on most tasks. No reason to learn so-called PowerShell if you have BAT/UNIX Shell experience –  MeaCulpa Apr 17 '12 at 9:30

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