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How to create list of object in jquery ? Example:

Object name: rowdataObject having properties.

NOw, i want to create list of rowdataObject and pass to MVC.

Please suggest me how to create list of object in javascript and pass as argument in controller.


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This question is a bit underrated for this site, but I'll attempt to give you a small example. Keep in mind for future use tho, we generally like to see "what you have tried" first. – SpYk3HH Jan 29 '14 at 13:25
        <script type="text/javascript">
            $(function() {  //  this is jQuery's version of `document.onload = function` which basically means, "start doing this when page is loaded"
                //  an Object in jQuery is extremely simple in nature
                var obj = {};   //  this is officially an object
                //  add to the object by simply creating properties
                obj.prop1 = "This  property is a string";
                //  add inner objects just as easy
                obj.class1 = { prop1: "This inner object now has it's own property" }

                //  to pass this to a "controller" in jQuery, you will use a form of $.ajax
                $.ajax({    //  here you start creating ajax options
                    type: 'POST',   //  makes this retrievable via POST on server side, exp: $_POST['keyName']
                    data: JSON.stringify({ keyName: obj }), //  easiest way to send data as key|value
                    url: ''   //  here you need the url to your controller
                })  //  now, use jQuery chainability to see results returned from controller
                    .done(function( data, textStatus, jqXHR ) {
                        //  this function will fire only if the controller makes a successful return
                        /*  do work, exp:   */
                        console.log(data); //   this would show the results of what the controller returned in your browser's developer console


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How can i create list of obj. I have obj which has properites as below:,obj.ID,obj.mins. Now, i want to create colleectionof obj and pass to controller method. Please suggest. – Dhaval Jan 29 '14 at 14:16
Is Json.Stringify will able to pass - collection of object to controller function ? what should be the argument in controller function - "Jsondata" ? – Dhaval Jan 29 '14 at 14:23

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