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I'm trying to make it so that when a bar on my graph is clicked, the x-axis label of that specific bar is printed out/displayed in a span. My ultimate goal is to make it so that when a bar is clicked, another bar graph is created underneath that displays more detailed information about that specific bar, think broad information on the first graph and when a bar is clicked, more detailed information is displayed in another bar graph underneath.

Test table in my db:

x ------------- y
0 ----------- 1000
1 ----------- 2000
2 ----------- 3000
3 ----------- 4000
4 ----------- 5000
5 ----------- 6000
6 ----------- 7000
7 ----------- 8000
8 ----------- 9000


   $sql = "SELECT * FROM flotTest";
   $result = mysqli_query($dbc3, $sql);

    while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result))
        $dataset1[] = array($row['x'],$row['y']);

flot js:

     // BAR CHART
        var percentagehrs = [];
        for (var i = 0; i <= 8; i += 1){
        percentagehrs.push([i, parseInt(Math.random() * 200)]);
        var dataset = [{
            label: "Percentage Hours",
            data: percentagehrs,
            color: "#5482FF" }];

        //x-axis label and index pulled from database (testing purposes)
        //I'm thinking this might be where my issue is

        var ticks =  <?php echo json_encode($dataset1); ?>;

        $(document).ready(function () {
            $.plot($("#group-flot-placeholder"), dataset, {
            series: {
                bars: {
                    show: true,
                    clickable: true
            bars: {
                align: "center",
                barWidth: 0.8
            xaxis: {
                axisLabel: "Job Number",
                axisLabelUseCanvas: true,
                axisLabelFontSizePixels: 12,
                axisLabelFontFamily: 'Verdana, Arial',
                axisLabelPadding: 10,
                ticks: ticks
            yaxis: {
                axisLabel: "Percent",
                axisLabelUseCanvas: true,
                axisLabelFontSizePixels: 12,
                axisLabelFontFamily: 'Verdana, Arial',
                axisLabelPadding: 3,
                tickFormatter: function (v, axis) {
                    return v + "%";
            grid: {
                clickable: true,
                hoverable: true,
                borderWidth: 2,
                backgroundColor: { colors: ["#ffffff", "#EDF5FF"] },
                markings: [ { xaxis: { from: -1, to: 12 }, yaxis: { from: 100, to: 300 }, color: "#FFA5A5" }]

            $("#group-flot-placeholder").bind("plotclick", function (event, pos, item) {
            if (item) {
                $("#clickdata").text(" - click point " + item.dataIndex + " in " + item.series.label);
                plot.highlight(item.series, item.datapoint); //Output here is: - click point 0(0 being the position of the first bar) in Percentage Hours


What am I doing wrong and how can I make it so that when a specific bar is clicked, I can pull data from my database to another bar graph underneath for that specific bar?

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Could you make a jsfiddle with this, just to be more clear. ? –  Sergio Jan 29 at 15:21
@Sergio jsfiddle.net/MKWB6 Thats basically what it looks like right now. The big difference is that I'm parsing data from a db as you can see above where it says var ticks = <?php echo json_encode($dataset1); ?> I will edit the above to show my sql and table as well. –  MikeOscarEcho Jan 29 at 15:44

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You don't say what <?php echo json_encode($dataset1); ?> resolves to, but it should be in the form of:

var ticks = [[0,"A"],[1,"B"],[2,"C"],[3,"D"],[4,"E"],[5,"F"],[6,"G"],[7,"H"],[8,"I"]];

So, in your click callback:

$("#group-flot-placeholder").bind("plotclick", function (event, pos, item) {
    if (item) {
        var tickClicked = item.series.xaxis.ticks[item.dataIndex].label;         

Here's a fiddle demonstration.

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Edited my post to show what json_encode($dataset1) resolves to EDIT: Just tried your click callback and it worked. I'm now getting the job number to display from the x-axis, thanks. Do you have a suggestion for my second question? –  MikeOscarEcho Jan 29 at 15:50
@MikeOscarEcho, was the second question "how to display a aecond plot after the click?" If so, it's awfully a broad question but in a nutshell, I would: in the click handler, make an AJAX call back to the PHP to fetch data appropriate for that column, in the success handler of the AJAX call I would make the $.plot call. –  Mark Jan 29 at 18:54

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