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I am new to SQL xml operations. I have a problem with SQL & XML Parsing.

I have a Table named Task. It has 3 columns:

  • Name
  • Task
  • Date

Task is saving in Hours worked as an xml in the following format:


My table will look like this (with multiple employees)

Name          |   Task                                     | Date
Employee2219  |   <TASK><A>1</A><B>4</B><C>0</C></ TASK >  | 2014-01-28
Employee2219  |   <TASK><A>3</A><B>2</B><C>1</C></ TASK >  | 2014-01-29

I need to calculate the hours spend per employee for each task in a week like:

Name          | A | B | C | D 
Employee2219  | 4 | 6 | 1 | 0 

I am new to XML and I could not work this out.

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Is the Task column the actual XML data type or some CHAR variant? –  Bryan Eargle Jan 29 at 13:56
Prince Joseph T eh? does that make us your minions? :-) –  Tanner Jan 29 at 14:01
Tanner its just my Name :) .. Kindly help me to solve this –  Prince Joseph Jan 29 at 14:04

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It is straightforward to extract the xml using XQuery:

    SUM(TaskA) AS ATotal, 
    SUM(TaskB) AS BTotal, 
    SUM(TaskC) AS CTotal, 
    SUM(TaskD) AS DTotal
      Nodes.node.value('(A)[1]', 'int') AS TaskA,
      Nodes.node.value('(B)[1]', 'int') AS TaskB,
      Nodes.node.value('(C)[1]', 'int') AS TaskC,
      Nodes.node.value('(D)[1]', 'int') AS TaskD
        TASK t
        cross apply t.Task.nodes('/TASK') as Nodes(node)
) x
    [Date] BETWEEN '2014-01-01' AND '2014-01-07' -- Your week range

SqlFiddle here

Please post your question in text - many corporate SO users are blocked from sites like imgur, so answering becomes guess work.

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will this also sum up the values for each employee? –  Tanner Jan 29 at 14:04
basically name is employee id and it can appear multiple times so the task xml needs to be summed for each employee id... but yes OP is not great –  Tanner Jan 29 at 14:11
Thank You so much StuartLC.. It is very Helpfull.. We could not predit the task number.. it may change.. what can we do in that case..? in that case we could not able to specify each Task.. –  Prince Joseph Jan 29 at 14:12
@StuartLC edited question –  Tanner Jan 29 at 14:19
@StuartLC too late for you I see now –  Tanner Jan 29 at 14:19

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