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With N=P+Q compute nodes, can ipython send a message to the distinct R nodes and Q nodes at the same time and for each set of nodes to do some computation in parallel and for both set of nodes to return the result to the controller?

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Yes, assuming direct view

from IPython.parallel import Client
c = Client()
c[:].apply_sync(lambda : "Hello, World")

result in

['Hello, World',
 'Hello, World',
 'Hello, World',
 'Hello, World',
 'Hello, World',
 'Hello, World',
 'Hello, World',
 'Hello, World']

Partitionning on even/odd engines

c[0::2].apply_sync(lambda : "Hello"),
c[1::2].apply_sync(lambda : "World")

result in

(['Hello', 'Hello', 'Hello', 'Hello'], ['World', 'World', 'World', 'World'])

here I apply sync, so it's not exactly at the same time, but if you apply async, you can collect at once after.

You can also push a variable on each set of node that will "decide" which computation to do.

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brill! thank-you. just asked another related question. –  Henry Thornton Jan 29 '14 at 20:19

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