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I have two names saved in one string each.
These two names are probably two names of two contacts of the same person.

I'm looking for a function that return true if the two string are related or not, using soundex, metaphone, and levenshtein distance, at the same time.

It will be better if the function return an int, representing the intensity of matching.

This function may use some thing like the function below.
But with addition to soundex, metaphone and levenshtein distance.

public boolean canMerge(Contact contact1, Contact contact2){
    String name1 = contact1.card.getFormattedName().getValue()
                  .toLowerCase().trim(); // first name
    String name2 = contact2.card.getFormattedName().getValue()
                  .toLowerCase().trim();// second name
    int s1 = Collections.indexOfSubList(Arrays.asList(name1.toLowerCase()
                     .replaceAll("\\s+", " ").split(" ")), Arrays.asList(name2.toLowerCase().split(" ")));
    int s2=Collections.indexOfSubList(Arrays.asList(name2
                     .toLowerCase().replaceAll("\\s+", " ")
                     .split(" ")), Arrays.asList(name1.toLowerCase().split(" ")));

    if(s1 == -1 && s2 == -1 )
        return false;
    return true;
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