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I have a file lets say called data.mat it has matrix of form M[4X125] Each element in Matrix in again a matrix of form m[434x60] So basically my matrix is like

    m[0,0] m[0,1] ... m[0,125]
    m[1,0] m[1,1] ... m[1,125]
    m[2,0] m[2,1] ... m[2,125] 
    m[3,0] m[3,1] ... m[3,125] 

Now I want to find cross correlation between

          m[0,0] and m[0,29].... m[0,1] and [0,29] and so on m[1,125] and
          m[1,0] and m[1,29].... m[1,1] and [1,29] and so on m[1,125] and
          m[2,0] and m[2,29].... m[2,1] and [2,29] and so on m[2,125] and  
          m[3,0] and m[3,29].... m[3,1] and [3,29] and so on m[3,125] and  

How to get this done I have no experience working in matlab, what I have come to know that we need to use function for this


and probably the iteration would be like (in C/C++)

for (i=0;i<4,i++){
      for (j=0;j<125;j++){
         if  (j=129);
         else {

Please help me with Matlab code for same and how to do it. Help will be much appreciated. Thanks

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Dear Avinash, from your question it appears that you do not even have the most elementary knowledge of Matlab syntax and function. Please read at least through the "Language Fundamentals" section of the documentation, paying attention especially to the way Matlab handels matrices and vectors as its basic datatypes, which eliminates the need for most loops. Then have a look at the documentation of corrcoef, it might already do all you need. –  A. Donda Jan 29 '14 at 15:33
SO is a site to help with concrete programming problems, not a place to get a tutorial or programming course. Good luck! If you come up with a piece of valid Matlab code, but it doesn't do what you expect it to do – after learning the fundamentals! – then you can come back here and people will be happy to help. –  A. Donda Jan 29 '14 at 15:35

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