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Lets say I have a XML layout with 20 ImageButtons. Each ImageButton has been assigned an ID like:


All the ImageButtons have been assigned to the same onClick Method in the layout XML using:


In my Activity the Button click is handled using

public void onButtonClicked(final View v)

    Log.e("V", v.toString());


When a button is clicked, i want to get the value of my assigned id. So if i click on button with my assigned id of say android:id="@+id/button17" I want to say log the value button17

The above example logs the android assigned id like:

V: android.widget.ImageButton@415046c0
V: 2131492894

where as i want to get say button17

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is what you are looking for

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thanks blackbelt, exactly what i needed :) – tao Jan 29 '14 at 16:32

The id you're getting is the int of the id as represented in

i.e. v.getId() ==

You can translate it to a string, but I don't think you want to do that.

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