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Today I started a simple Application,Using this App user can find the weather information based on date.So I want to use an third party library I searched in google.Finally I found Google provides the weather information through api calls

In my application,their is no any maps.I just want to show weather information from response.

If user pick any date form calendar for example user pics 2014-01-29, I want to display weather information next two days like (2014-01-29,2014-01-30,2014-01-31).So some dates might be comes in history and some dates might be comes in future.

I don't know,whether google supports or not as per my cases.but I hope it supports.So I searched in googleand founded I need to add the following code in my index.html file.

<script type="text/javascript"

If it is possible,can anyone suggest me with a simple example.I just want to response.Once I get the response I will fetch data which was I need and show to user.


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I don't think that Google weather supports historical data, but have you looked at all at the Forecast.io API (https://developer.forecast.io/docs/v2)?

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