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Suppose CMAKE_BINARY_DIR = C://a//b//c, and if I run the following cmake script:

cmake_minimum_required( VERSION 2.6 )
set(project_name "hello_cmake")
add_executable(hello src/main.cpp)
    set(CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX "${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/install" CACHE PATH "Installation Directory" )
    set(CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX "/usr/local" CACHE PATH "Installation Directory")

I expect CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX = C://a//b//c//install if I do not define CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX when I first call cmake .. from the folder C://a//b//c. However, it does not work in that way, and CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX is given a strange folder: C://Program Files (x86)//hello_cmake. Any ideas?

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Avoid modifying CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX by default, it's not subproject-friendly. –  ruslo Jan 29 at 19:02
I agree with @ruslo, and would go further in that it's not user-friendly. If I set CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX on the command line (e.g. cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr) then I'd be surprised to find make install using /usr/local. Setting CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX inside your CMakeLists.txt should probably only be done after checking it's not already set. Or if you absolutely must set it to hard-coded paths like this, then a warning message if the user has already set it would be useful. –  Fraser Jan 29 at 21:54

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This is the recommended CMake incantation for handling CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:


Note the FORCE in the set. Apparently, the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX is set fairly early in the invocation of CMake, which means it will already be set in the cache by the time you get to this line. Thus the need for FORCE.

Source is an email discussion on CMake mailing list: http://www.cmake.org/pipermail/cmake/2010-December/041135.html

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