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I am trying to include Handlebar.js partials in terms of names, where based on request I can change which partial to include in on the server side.

For eg.,

Parent page :

   --SOME HTML---
   {{> navigation }}

I have 3 types of navigation based on request


When I see the code I can see TemplateBuilder.visitPartial includes directly the {{> navigation }} , "navigation" as template path during Template object creation part. I also tried setting partialHelper with registerHelpers method.

But the code in Partial.merge tries to load the path which was already set during the visitPartial call. Is there anyway to set something like

navigation = /admin/navigation.hbs

and apply the template.

Thanks in Advance.

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Checkout the solution in!topic/handlebarsjava/qE03NDOkfCg

I did .

IncludeHelper iHelper=new IncludeHelper();
handlebars.registerHelper("include", iHelper);

and default.hbs has,

{{> navigation }} replaced with {{include navigation }}
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