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I am encountering what appears to be buggy behaviour by the DGV ListBox control. I'm wondering if there are some "properties" I need to set differently, or alternatively, whether someone has coded some work-arounds for these annoying traits of this control.

Regular VB ListBox drop-down control: The first MouseClick on Control causes the dropdown to appear but the edit box remains as it was, either with data which was there originally, or empty if it was empty. If the user then clicks in the free-field area, it causes the dropdown to disappear, and edit box data remains as it was. The edit box remains in focus, blue. If the user clicks on another control, the ListBox loses the focus, all as expected.

*DGV ListBox drop-down control - Editing a field containing data: * The first mouseclick on Control causes ListBox to get the focus, and the edit box turns blue, but the dropdown list does not appear (unexpected behavior: you need two mouse clicks (or a double mouse click) to open this dropdown, but if you try the same double mouse click on the standard VB ListBox you will cause the dropdown to open and then immediately close.

*DGV ListBox – editing a field containing no data (empty) The main problem area: * The first mouseclick on the control causes the control to get the focus, and turn blue, and also places unsolicited data into the edit box: either the information from the top of dropdown list, or alternatively information from a previous dropdown which had the focus. (both are unexpected behavior) The second mouseclick on control causes the dropdown to appear, and the unsolicited data selected previously will show on the pulldown with the focus and blue (continuing unexpected behavior) If the user clicks in the free-field area , it causes the dropdown to disappear, the edit box keeps the focus, blue, and the unsolicited data remains in the field. If the user clicks on another control which will take the focus away from the DGVDropDown control, the unsolicited data finally disappears, and is not stored.

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