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I'm building a gemified plugin with Rails 4. For the most part, it works as expected, but I can't get the I18n to work. When I try, I get this error:

translation missing: en.errors.messages.no_revisions_made

My I18n file looks like this:

      no_revisions_made: "You must edit at least one attribute"

While the I18n call looks like this:


I'm assuming this is happening because the plugin is not loading the en.yml file. How can I prompt it to do so?

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Turns out a standard gemified plugin cannot do this. However, a Rails Engine can. A Rails Engine has all the same functionality as a gemified plugin, but with extra perks. For instance, it can have self-contained models, views, and controllers--as well as I18n files, routes, and initializers.

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