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I'm working on new application with many users, a few roles and specific permissions for those roles. I would like to know the best practices to implement RBAC.

My requirements are:

I will have set of roles assigned to users say,

user1=superadmin, user2=admin, user3=expert

Based on user role I have to restrict:

1. Html pages (links in home page).

2. Data in all pages. (like some level of data abstraction).

3. Html elements in few pages. (for eg: some buttons, labels..etc., will be visible to user3).

Is there a framework to go ahead with?

Any advise is very appreciated!

NOTE: We will using either rails/java to develop app.

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Have a look at the cancan gem. An (older) railscast can be found here

Example from github:

<% if can? :create, Project %>
  <%= link_to "New Project", new_project_path %>
<% end %>
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thank for your reply. But will cancan support html elements restriction in each page? –  Oliver Jan 30 '14 at 2:51
@Oliver Added an example in the original post. You can check the users ' permission in the view. –  Rudi Jan 30 '14 at 8:51

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