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I'm running production server with 12 projects written in PHP and Python (Django framework). The problem is that every time i commit something to svn i have to ssh to server and do svn update manually. I've made a simple shell script for this, but it's definitenly not an option. I thought about capistrano+webistrano, but for this i'll have to setup whole ruby stack, ror, mod_passenger and etc...

My requirements are simple: 1. authentication 2. per-project authorization 3. different repository types (git, svn, simply running some script) 4. hooks. some projects deployment is very tricky 5. view process output online (output of commands, optionally) 6. logging. everything and everyone. i need to see what was happening on my server.

Is there something able to statisfy my requirements?

Regards, Daniel Fort.

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Hey Daniel, you specifically mentioned not using Capistrano, so I am not providing this as an answer, but it seems this guy got it working. And you don't need to use any special stack on the server. Just have Ruby and Capistrano installed locally: jonmaddox.com/2006/08/16/… –  Doug Neiner Jan 27 '10 at 1:53
i'm aware that capistrano is able to deploy almost anything, but i need some web interface on server. i'm not the only one who works on those project, so web-interface is required, but running webistrano w/o ruby and ror is impossible. –  Daniel Jan 27 '10 at 2:39

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As you are already familiar with Python, I'd suggest Fabric:


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