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Using Play Framework 2.2.1 on MacOS X 10.8.4 with scala 2.10.3, I have this code:

package controllers

import play.api._

object Global extends GlobalSettings {

  override def onStart(app: Application) {
    Logger.info("Application has started")

  override def onStop(app: Application) {
    Logger.info("Application shutdown...")
    Logger.info("Shutdown complete")

When I use dev mode with play run, I get the following:

[info] Loading project definition from /Users/jon/code/test/project
[info] Set current project to critter (in build file:/Users/jon/code/test/)

--- (Running the application from SBT, auto-reloading is enabled) ---

[info] play - Listening for HTTP on /0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0%0:9000

(Server started, use Ctrl+D to stop and go back to the console...)

[info] Compiling 1 Scala source to /Users/jon/code/test/target/scala-2.10/classes...
[info] play - Application started (Dev)
[info] Compiling 1 Scala source to /Users/jon/code/test/target/scala-2.10/classes...

--- (RELOAD) ---

[info] play - Application started (Dev)

As you can see here, I triggered a request, which caused the app to be compiled and the request was then handled. I inserted a newline into a source file and made the request again, to trigger the reload. I do not get a message concerning Application shutdown.

I'm using an embedded database, so I need to close it gracefully. If I can't catch shutdown, I can't do that. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug with Play and auto-reload?


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It does not always necessarily need to be in the default/root package. If you want to keep it in controllers package like you did, you need to change the configuration for global in your application.conf from:

global = Global to global = controllers.Global

It's just that the default to Global is root package.

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D'oh! Figured it out not long after posting. Quoth the docs:

This object must be defined in the default (empty) package...

Removing the package controllers directive above fixed things right up.

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