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How can I set the location (as it's picked up in CoreLocation services) in the iPhone Simulator?

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I added a method for Xcode 6. stackoverflow.com/questions/19694205/… – narumolPug Dec 4 '14 at 17:13
Has anyone managed to get this to work in React native, simulator? – Nikos Nov 5 '15 at 18:44

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As of iOS 5, the simulator has a configurable location.

Under the Debug menu, the last entry is "Location"; this gives you a sub menu with:

  • None
  • Custom Location
  • Apple Stores
  • Apple
  • City Bicycle Ride
  • City Run
  • Freeway Drive

Custom Location lets you enter a Lat/Long value. Bicycle ride, City Run, and Freeway Drive are simulation of a moving location (in Cupertino, of course).

Of course, this does nothing to help with debugging for iOS 4 (or earlier); but it's a definite improvement!

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  1. Run project in iPhone Simulator
  2. Create in TextEdit file following file, call it MyOffice for example. Make extension as .gpx enter image description here

    <?xml version="1.0"?> <gpx version="1.0" creator="MyName"> <wpt lat="53.936166" lon="27.565370"> <name>MyOffice</name> </wpt> </gpx>

  3. Select in Xcode at the Simulate area Add GPX File to Project...enter image description here

  4. Add created file from menu to project.
  5. Now you can see your location in Simulate area:enter image description here
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TextEdit doesn't save file .gpx. How I do? – user1747321 Oct 31 '12 at 15:01
save it as .txt (or .xml) and then rename to .gpx – beryllium Oct 31 '12 at 15:08
Thanks! Very easy, works great. In case anyone else uses this heres the sample GPX file in text so you can copy & paste it: <?xml version="1.0"?> <gpx version="1.0" creator="Name"> <wpt lat="" lon=""> <name>Office</name> </wpt> </gpx> – RyanG Dec 20 '12 at 14:59
You saved my day "+1". – SAHIL Jul 1 '13 at 10:29
can we include time in this? I want to test startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges method – Durgaprasad Jul 17 '13 at 8:58

In my delegate callback, I check to see if I'm running in a simulator (#if TARGET_ IPHONE_SIMULATOR) and if so, I supply my own, pre-looked-up, Lat/Long. To my knowledge, there's no other way.

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Starting with Xcode 4.2, there is now a way under the Debug menu on the simulator using the Location entry that allows setting a custom location or selecting from some predefined rides and locations. – progrmr Nov 30 '11 at 14:54

Pre iOS 5 you could do it in code:

I use this snippet just before the @implementation of the class where I need my fake heading and location data.

@interface MyHeading : CLHeading
    -(CLLocationDirection) magneticHeading;
    -(CLLocationDirection) trueHeading;

@implementation MyHeading
    -(CLLocationDirection) magneticHeading { return 90; }
    -(CLLocationDirection) trueHeading { return 91; }

@implementation CLLocationManager (TemporaryLocationFix)
- (void)locationFix {
    CLLocation *location = [[CLLocation alloc] initWithLatitude:55.932 longitude:12.321];
    [[self delegate] locationManager:self didUpdateToLocation:location fromLocation:nil];

    id heading  = [[MyHeading alloc] init];
    [[self delegate] locationManager:self didUpdateHeading: heading];

-(void)startUpdatingHeading {
    [self performSelector:@selector(locationFix) withObject:nil afterDelay:0.1];

- (void)startUpdatingLocation {
    [self performSelector:@selector(locationFix) withObject:nil afterDelay:0.1];

After iOS 5 simply include a GPX file in your project like this to have the location updated continuously Hillerød.gpx:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<gpx version="1.1" creator="Xcode"> 
    <wpt lat="55.93619760" lon="12.29131930"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93625770" lon="12.29108330"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93631780" lon="12.29078290"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93642600" lon="12.29041810"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93653420" lon="12.28998890"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93660630" lon="12.28966710"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93670240" lon="12.28936670"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93677450" lon="12.28921650"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93709900" lon="12.28945250"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93747160" lon="12.28949540"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93770000" lon="12.28966710"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93785620" lon="12.28977440"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93809660" lon="12.28988170"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93832490" lon="12.28994600"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93845710" lon="12.28996750"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93856530" lon="12.29007480"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93872150" lon="12.29013910"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93886570" lon="12.28975290"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93898590" lon="12.28955980"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93910610" lon="12.28919500"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93861330" lon="12.28883020"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93845710" lon="12.28868000"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93827680" lon="12.28850840"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93809660" lon="12.28842250"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93796440" lon="12.28831520"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93780810" lon="12.28810070"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93755570" lon="12.28790760"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93739950" lon="12.28775730"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93726730" lon="12.28767150"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93707500" lon="12.28760710"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93690670" lon="12.28734970"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93675050" lon="12.28726380"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93649810" lon="12.28713510"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93625770" lon="12.28687760"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93596930" lon="12.28679180"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93587310" lon="12.28719940"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93575290" lon="12.28752130"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93564480" lon="12.28797190"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93554860" lon="12.28833670"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93550050" lon="12.28868000"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93535630" lon="12.28900190"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93515200" lon="12.28936670"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93505580" lon="12.28958120"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93481550" lon="12.29001040"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93468320" lon="12.29033230"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93452700" lon="12.29063270"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93438280" lon="12.29095450"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93425050" lon="12.29121200"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93413040" lon="12.29140520"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93401020" lon="12.29168410"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93389000" lon="12.29189870"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93372170" lon="12.29239220"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93385390" lon="12.29258530"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93409430" lon="12.29295010"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93421450" lon="12.29320760"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93433470" lon="12.29333630"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93445490" lon="12.29350800"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93463520" lon="12.29374400"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93479140" lon="12.29410880"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93491160" lon="12.29419460"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93515200" lon="12.29458090"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93545250" lon="12.29494570"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93571690" lon="12.29505300"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93593320" lon="12.29513880"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93617360" lon="12.29522460"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93622170" lon="12.29537480"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93713510" lon="12.29505300"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93776000" lon="12.29378700"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93904600" lon="12.29531040"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94004350" lon="12.29552500"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94023570" lon="12.29561090"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94019970" lon="12.29591130"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94017560" lon="12.29629750"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94017560" lon="12.29670520"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94017560" lon="12.29713430"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94019970" lon="12.29754200"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94024780" lon="12.29816430"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94051210" lon="12.29842180"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94084860" lon="12.29820720"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94105290" lon="12.29799270"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94123320" lon="12.29777810"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94140140" lon="12.29749910"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94142550" lon="12.29726310"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94147350" lon="12.29687690"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94155760" lon="12.29619020"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94161770" lon="12.29576110"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94148550" lon="12.29531040"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94093270" lon="12.29522460"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94041600" lon="12.29518170"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94056020" lon="12.29398010"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94024780" lon="12.29352950"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94001940" lon="12.29335780"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93992330" lon="12.29325050"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93969490" lon="12.29299300"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93952670" lon="12.29277840"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93928630" lon="12.29260680"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93915410" lon="12.29232780"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93928630" lon="12.29202740"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93933440" lon="12.29174850"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93947860" lon="12.29116910"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93965890" lon="12.29095450"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94001940" lon="12.29061120"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94041600" lon="12.29084730"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94076450" lon="12.29101890"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94080060" lon="12.29065410"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94086060" lon="12.29031080"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94092070" lon="12.28990310"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94099280" lon="12.28975290"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94119710" lon="12.28986020"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94134130" lon="12.28998890"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94147350" lon="12.29007480"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94166580" lon="12.29003190"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94176190" lon="12.28938810"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94183400" lon="12.28893750"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94194220" lon="12.28850840"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94199030" lon="12.28835820"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94215850" lon="12.28859420"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94250700" lon="12.28883020"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94267520" lon="12.28893750"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94284350" lon="12.28902330"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94304770" lon="12.28915210"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94325200" lon="12.28925940"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94348030" lon="12.28953830"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94366060" lon="12.28966710"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94388890" lon="12.28975290"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94399700" lon="12.28994600"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94379280" lon="12.29065410"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94364860" lon="12.29095450"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94350440" lon="12.29127640"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94340820" lon="12.29155540"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94331210" lon="12.29198450"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94315590" lon="12.29269260"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94310780" lon="12.29318610"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94301170" lon="12.29361530"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94292760" lon="12.29408740"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94290350" lon="12.29436630"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94287950" lon="12.29453800"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94283140" lon="12.29533190"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94274730" lon="12.29606150"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94278340" lon="12.29621170"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94280740" lon="12.29649060"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94284350" lon="12.29679100"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94284350" lon="12.29734890"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94308380" lon="12.29837890"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94315590" lon="12.29852910"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94263920" lon="12.29906550"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94237480" lon="12.29910850"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94220660" lon="12.29915140"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94208640" lon="12.29902260"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94196620" lon="12.29887240"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94176190" lon="12.29794970"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94156970" lon="12.29760640"></wpt>

I use GPSies.com to create the base file for the gpx data. A bit of cleanup is required though.

Activate by running the simulator and choosing your file

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The kind folks at FutureTap have made the FTLocationSimulator available for free at GitHub. It allows you to prepare a test route using for instance Google Earth, and then have the simulator feed these coordinates to your app.

I've written a blog post about how to use FTLocationSimulator to easily switch between multiple routes during testing of the location features.

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you can add gpx files to your project and use it:
edit scheme > options > allow location simulation > pick the file name that contains for example:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<gpx version="1.1" creator="Xcode"> 
    <wpt lat="41.92296" lon="-87.63892"></wpt>

optionally just hardcode the lat/lon values that are returned by the location manager. This is old style though.

so you won't add it to the simulator, but to your Xcode project.

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How can i use the predefined location. can u please explain in detail ??? I want to know about it. – iDroid Explorer Aug 23 '11 at 7:20
Project > Schemes > Edit Scheme > Core Location ... – Raptor Apr 1 '14 at 7:15
click on xcode then product > schemes > Edit scheme > core location – Mumthezir Dec 15 '15 at 9:50

Open iOS Simulator application from Debug Menu -> Location ->

  1. None
  2. Custom Location
  3. Apple Stores ...
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Better late than never :)

I just came across this iSimulate which allows you to send Fake location to the app. The solution is NOT free.

> Q: How does iSimulate work? 

> A: When added to your project, the iSimulate
> SDK library creates a listening server
> on your iPhone Simulator that waits
> for a connection from an iPhone/iPod
> running the iSimulate client. When
> such connection is established, the
> iSimulate client running on your
> iPhone/iPod captures all data from the
> accelerometer sensor, the touch
> events, the location and device ID and
> streams them to the server. The
> iSimulate SDK library then recreates
> all input events synthetically. This
> is entirely transparent to your
> application and does not interfere
> with your application's functionality.

Anyway, i am planning to get this. will update more soon!

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I just contacted the developers: "In the Options of iSimulate, accessible from the top-right button in the "Select Computer to Connect to" screen, you can select one of four other locations to use." So, not much help really. – Simon Woodside Sep 1 '09 at 21:44

Where you want to set your location? you can use mapkit api to show u location's. see icodeblog.com for more detail on how to use mapkit. Also you can store your desired cordinates just create an object CLLocation2D *location; location.longitude=your desired longitude value; location.latitude=your desired latitude value;

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This was an old question from when I wasnew to the SDK. I now realize there is no support for automating CoreLocation in the Simulator, which is a shame. – Cliff Nov 8 '09 at 0:42

in iOS Simulator menu, go to Debug -> Location -> Custom Location. There you can set the latitude and longitude and test the app accordingly. This works with mapkit and also with CLLocationManager.

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