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I am trying to complete this question

** Produce an audit trail (in a separate table) that records the current username, system date & grade change when someone attempts to update a Students grade **

Here are the tables and columns

Module (code,credits,cost,name)
session (code,date,room)
Exam (no,code,grade)
course (code,credits,name)
Student (no,name,cell)

Here is the code I have so far


USE `HarlemHS`$$

TRIGGER `HarlemHS`.`ExamChange`
      INSERT INTO NEW.GradeUpdateLog Date_Of_Change,old_grade) 
        VALUES (CURDATE(), grade);

I know I have to use DECLARE somewhere but not too sure where to use it and what to put in the DECLARE statement.

If i have missed anything let me know,

Thank you for the help :)

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declare is only necessary if you're going to be using local variables. You're not - you're just taking some values from the record that caused the trigger to run, and using those values in an insert query. –  Marc B Jan 29 at 20:16
I tried to run this and was getting ERROR 1142: INSERT command denied to user I have been told to use declare statements instead? –  user3219120 Jan 29 at 20:17
that just means that the user that this trigger is running as doesn't have insert rights on your gradeupdatelog table. –  Marc B Jan 29 at 20:18
Ahh ok ,any suggestions on what i should do? :) –  user3219120 Jan 29 at 20:19
grant your harlemhs account insert rights on the appropriate table... –  Marc B Jan 29 at 20:25

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